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On the Eve of Becoming a Brother

Let me hold you one last time.
You were my first.
You have forever changed me.
You made my heart grow.
You will always carry a piece of my heart.
But my heart is about to grow again 
and soon there will be two where one once stood.
Every laugh. Every hug. Every kiss.
I cherish these memories we have made,
the stories we read and the secrets we share.
Nobody will ever come between us or replace you.
Our bond will never be broken
but new bonds will be formed;
Me to your brother and you to him, also.
I know your heart will grow, too.
You will lead your brother, your confidant, your friend.
You will teach him. You will guide him.
You will always be there for him
and he will be there for you.
He will love you. He will look up to you.
You will be his hero in so many ways
because you were the first.
Our family of three will become a family of four.
Remember that your father and I will always love you.
You were our first.


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