Monday, July 9, 2012

My First Marathon (WOD)

So remember last week when I was waxing poetic about the year so far and I said that I had changed my goals and that I no longer had interest in completing a full marathon? Well, that changed the same day the post went live.

I completed my very first marathon last Monday... a marathon WOD, that is.

Ok whatever it isn't the same thing. Except I'm pretty sure this 40 minute workout, 60 minutes for some people, was more intense than running a full marathon. I can certainly say it was more intense than the half marathon I ran in just over 2 hours.

So what all did this mammoth of a WOD (workout of the day to those of you who are unfamiliar with CrossFit) entail? I'm glad you ask, because I'm about to tell you!

2 Rounds for Time of:
26 Toes to Bar
200m Run
26 Box Jumps (24 in. for men, 20 in. for women)
200m Run
26 Kettlebell Swings (1.5 poods for men, 1 pood for women)
200m Run
26 Walking Lunges
200m Run
26 Push-ups
200m Run
26 Sit-ups (with ab mat)
200m Run
26 Air Squats
200m Run

That's about 1.75 miles uphill in addition to all the strength workouts for those of you keeping track.

Now I will admit, I did not do the workout as prescribed. I did 11 Toes to Bar in the first round and finished with knees to elbows, then did knees to elbows on the second round. I also did push-ups on my knees in the second round. Annnnnd I was also having problems with my shoulder so I did only .75 pood instead of 1 pood, but scalability is what CrossFit is all about.

Nevertheless, this workout kicked my butt.

I finished first in my class with a time of 40 minutes and 15 seconds. My hubby followed me, completing the workout as prescribed (he's a rock star) in 51 minutes and 17 seconds. We both went back out on that blasted hill to help one of our fellow gym members finish out her last 200 meters.

That's one of the things I like most about CrossFit is the camaraderie. The CrossFit gym has become like a second family. We see these people more often than we see our own families, so I suppose it makes sense. Everyone in the gym is always encouraging, never disparaging. We constantly push each other to do more, congratulate each other on our successes, and console each other on our failures. It's an atmosphere that you cannot appreciate or understand without being a part of it.

And thus I leave you with this little bit of inspiration and insight to CrossFit:

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