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Not Dead Fred, and other fun tales!

And like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes... or something like that. This blog is more similarly aligned with "Not Dead Fred" from Monty Python's Spamalot. If you're still around, thank you for not removing me from your blog roll during my extended absence from writing.

It has been a busy month for me, and there are a lot of changes in my life. Mostly for the better, as far as I can see.

I told you mid-May about my husband and I embarking on a paleolithic adventure. The 30-Day Paleo Challenge has ended at our gym, and proven to be much easier than we originally thought it would be. I did not win the challenge officially among the contestants in the gym (I got a little crazy at a wedding towards the end of the challenge and gave up my running for third), but both my husband and I consider ourselves winners in that we have discovered this new, amazing and healthy lifestyle of living.

Shh... he's taking a nap because he is sleepy from eating wheat.
Never before have we had as much energy, confidence, and zest for life as we have this passed month. Not to mention, we tried to re-introduce some grains and high-fructose corn syrup into our diets over the weekend to clean out the house of non-paleo friendly foods, and well, the resulting digestive anomaly was enough to make the energizer bunny take a spill.

If you are unfamiliar with the paleo lifestyle and how to rid yourself of indigestion, acne, diabetes and other modern diseases, read this book. It will change your life.

The competitors in the challenge performed three baseline workouts prior to the start of the challenge to repeat upon completion and compare results. Here are my pre-paleo results:

Max Deadlift: 163 lbs
Mile Run: 8:31
Helen: 15:01;.75 pood Kettlebell, #4 & #1 Band on the Pull-ups

Here are my post-paleo results:
Max Deadlift: 173 lb (10# PR)
Mile Run: 7:50 (41 sec PR)
Helen: 15:09; .75 pood Kettlebell, #3 & #1 Band on the Pull-Ups

Check out that set-up!

As you can see, my strength and stamina have improved across the board over the last month. What's that? You say I did not improve on Helen? Tsk tsk. My time went up by eight seconds, but my power output actually increased. I still woefully use bands to assist in my pull-ups. Try as I might, my max effort pull-up still requires a #1 band, but I digress. I went down in resistance, but managed to keep a time about par to my pre-paleo workout, thus having a greater power output, and thus, improvement.

Not only have I seen changes in strength and energy, but I have gone down two pants sizes, making my closet seemingly bare. I purchased all new pants for work and a few skirts,  but unfortunately I'm that awkward height between petite and regular pants length where petite is too short, and regular is too long, so my pants are currently at the alterations shop.

Warning: Paleo is not kind on your wallet. Eating organic foods and grass-fed meats will cause you to have more energy, which will cause you to work out more often, which will cause you to build muscle and burn fat, which will cause you to look incredibly sexy naked, but terrible in all your clothes that are now too baggy for you, causing you to have to go on shopping sprees and check yourself out in the fitting room mirrors (purr you sexy kitten!), causing your credit card bill to be unbelievably high for the first month or so. Your husband may also experience a rise in sex drive when you bring home your new mini skirts that you bought for work. Just sayin'. TMI?! You'll get over it.

For anyone who thinks the paleo lifestyle is too difficult, I will say this: It is easily done if you make it a priority.

So many people tell me it's not possible with their busy lifestyle. I work full time and have a two hour commute daily and I seem to be doing just fine with it. I do not have kids, but I have a very needy dog who comes pretty darn close to having a child. He even talks back. Frequently.

Kutless puts it plainly in the song "What Faith Can Do": It doesn't matter what you've heard, impossible is not a word. It's just a reason for someone not to try.

If you try paleo, you will see the benefits and you will likely stick with it. My husband and I are now fully committed to living an 80/20 lifestyle, where we maintain 80% paleo diet but allow ourselves cheats and treats 20% of the time. I track all of my meals in BeyondTheWhiteboard to keep me honest. It's a really great tool for CrossFitters.

Speaking of that two hour commute, I have more good news. I got a new job. Locally. THANK THE GOOD LORD! I start Monday. Many blessings over this last month and so many exciting things coming in the future. Stay tuned!


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