Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nothing Says BAMF like Neon Pink Chalk

So I wanted to write a quick post to talk about tonight's workout because I felt like a bad@$$ superstar!

See those numbers written in HOT pink chalk on the gym floor? Those are my reps. There is something completely primal about etching your workout on the gym floor in pink chalk. Ok, so cavemen may not have had pink chalk, but there was red pigment around more than 15,000 years ago, so it's kind of the same thing.

Cavemen probably also never did overhead squats. They were missing out.

Remember my first CrossFit workout post? My first official workout involved overhead squats. I can lift weight over my head, but when I have to squat too, it adds a new degree of difficulty. My technique was awful. My max weight was 40 lbs for a single rep.

Today's workout was as many reps as possible in a single minute, rather than as much weight as possible in a single rep. So naturally, my trainer thought my best form was with an 18 lb bar. I realize that isn't much weight, but I can still celebrate that I successfully stuck out both my butt and my chest for today's squats, and didn't fall on my face. 

Huge improvement in nearly one month!

The"B" stands for Burpees. As in Bob Harper's favorite form of torture exercise. My husband gets pumped up when we watch Biggest Loser now and he recognizes the workouts that Bob prescribes. Don't tell him that I told you he watches the Biggest Loser with me...

The secret to burpees (which a fellow gym member let me in on last week) is to not stop moving. Burpees are just like running. The second you stop, it's over. You lose your momentum and your brain starts to tell you that you can't go on, even when you're body is eager to keep moving.

You. Just. Don't. Stop.

Last, but not least (unless you're counting my reps), was toes to bar. Theoretically, you hang from the pull up bar and lift your toes to touch the bar. But if you're me, it looks a little more like this:

Hey, nobody is perfect. Looks like I have my next exercise to improve upon picked out already.

(Side note: Unfortunately, hubby and I had to miss out on the Sole of the City 10K. We had to attend a funeral instead. If you're looking for a recap of the race, pop on over to Shoulda Ran Faster.)

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