Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Death by Feather Duster!

Yesterday was a long day. A very long day.

I was ultra productive this weekend, getting in a 5.5 mile run, a lunch with friends, lots of Outlet shopping, Sunday morning Church, grocery shopping, car cleaning, laundry, and some arts and crafts... what I didn't get was ample amounts of sleep.

Monday afternoon included a nice trip to the salon after work. It was a quiet trip, as there were only three stylists working at the time. I enjoyed a nice glass of wine and some good conversation with my stylist (the one who introduced me to CrossFit).

Because we have a 10K race this weekend, this week is a fairly timid week as far as training goes. My intentions were to run an easy two miles when I got home from the salon. At least, those were my intentions pre- drinking a glass of wine at the salon.

When I returned home, I was ready to hit the hay. But as I pulled up to the house, my hubby was sitting on the front porch. Straight away I could tell something was off. We will call this sign number one.

He greeted me pleasantly, and assured me everything was ok as he helped me carry my things inside from the car. Sign number two that things were not right.

As I took my stuffed pepper out of the oven that he had warmed for me from the weekend's leftovers, he offered to get me a glass of water. Sign number three, for those of you who are counting.

And then he dropped the bomb.

"I have a surprise for you," he said. Go on...

Last week, we found out his uncle, who has been ill for quite some time, passed away. We knew his mother would be coming and staying with us as she passed through for the funeral, but I assumed (foolishly, apparently) that it would be later in the week. False.

She is coming today.

**pause for face melting**

After regaining my composure from the initial shock, I shouted, "CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!" I shoved the stuffed pepper into my mouth and leaped from the table to start cleaning.

Now, we by no means have a dirty house. We usually straighten up on the weekends: I dust about once a week just because I can't stand seeing dust on our dark furniture; the toilets typically get cleaned every other weekend; and we recently (about a month ago) did a deep cleaning of the kitchen where I even scrubbed the stove clean.

That being said, with all the running around we have had with just starting CrossFit, cleaning out the cars, and visiting friends and family out of town the passed few weekends, it was a bit of a sty.

Thankfully, the hubster sprung into action as well. I picked up everything off the floor and starting putting items in their rightful places while he and the vacuum roared to life. I started by cleaning off the breakfast bar, then cleaned the bathroom in the basement, then returned to the living room to take down our Christmas wreath (yes, there was still a golden Christmas wreath hanging in my living room ;don't judge, I haven't had time to hang our new Pottery Barn mirrors).

In short, there was no method to my madness. If I had to go somewhere in the house to put something away and I saw something else out of place, it got put in its place. If I was passing by the bathroom on my way to put towels in the laundry, that bathroom got cleaned.

About thirty minutes in, he dropped another bomb on me. His aunt was going to be coming as well.

**more panic ensued with a rejuvenated cleaning effort**

Finally, after two hours of running around and shouting like a crazy person, the house was spotless. We put the two sets of guest sheets in the dryer as we headed out for work this morning. After work, hubby will dress the beds while I am at CrossFit, and then we'll be ready to greet our guests.

Why all this madness to prepare the house, you ask?

I cannot help but feel like how well we keep the house is a representation of how well I care for my husband, or at least I feel that is a possible perception. If the fridge is stocked with healthy food, I motivate him to stay in shape, and the house is clean, I am taking good care of him.

There may or may not be a direct correlation, and I may be crazy a little off center, but I felt like this was a bit of a surprise inspection!

I love my mother-in-law and I really want to impress her and show her that I am taking good car of my hubby. She did such a wonderful job raising him, I feel like anything less would be an insult to her.

On that note, I got very little sleep last night. And while the feather duster wasn't able to kill me, today's CrossFit workout might finish me off. Today's WOD is "Death by Kettlebell."

     2/1.5 pood Kettlebell
     1 kettlebell swing the first minute
     2 kettlebell swings the second minute
     3 the third, continue until you are unable to complete required amount of reps in the minute.
     Score is the last full round of minutes plus number of reps in final partial minute.

See you all on the other side!

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