Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh bother!

I finally get back on track with my blog posts, and then BAM! It's 7:30 at night on a Thursday and I am still at work. My post that I had planned for Friday is incomplete and I am going to miss my run tonight. On top of that, they fed us pizza.


Don't they know pizza is my weakness?! I shudder to think how many calories I ate. But I'll tell you anyway. It was in the ballpark of 600. **shudders**

Oy vey. What a day! (What a workout I'm going to have to do to wash away this day!)

I know I promised earlier this week that I would have those Valentine's Day recipes up by the end of the week, but they are going to have to wait until next week. Please be sure to check back for them! They are delicious and you will not be disappointed.

Until then...


  1. Yummm pizza! That's why I made it my dinner-before-a-long-run favorite. Can't feel guilty if you know you are gonna run it off. Hope you enjoyed!

  2. It was worth every bite! And I tell myself the calories really aren't SO bad because it was thin crust pizza, so the carbs were less than they could have been. (Whatever helps me to sleep at night!)