Sunday, March 11, 2012

Coming Down the Home Stretch

Hello bloggers, long time no see. I have neglected you, and I apologize. There have been some family health issues and with the race coming up, I have been filling all of my time with running ad family.

My taper week begins now! And my first half-marathon is five days away. The weather is projected to be balmy, which is against every thing that I had planned for, but I am really looking forward to seeing the sun.

I set out for my long run on Sunday, rather than Saturday, because the weather was closer to the prediction for the day of the half. I wore my Lululemon Run Inspired Crops, Under Armour Cold Gear Fitted Mock Neck Long Sleeve Shirt, my newly acquired SPI belt, and my CamelBak.

I decided that the Mock Neck is not going to cut it on race day. As much as I LOVE that thing, it is not made for a 70 degree day. Hence the **Cold Gear** label. I think I will opt for my Under Armour tee shirt instead.

1 mile in, I had to pee. Apparently, using the restroom three times before leaving the house was not enough. So while my hubster and the pup continued on the 10 mile loop, I started turning off at every trail head looking for a porta potty. I eventually found one around 3.5 miles, but not before adding .6 miles to my course.

Anyway, I kept a fairly easy pace. I caught up with hubby around my 6.8 miles, his 6.2. We walked a little way and each ate a Honey Stinger Energy Chew. Delicious! Seriously. They remind me so much of the little fruit packs I used to get in my lunch box when I was a wee lass.

After that, it was a smooth 3.5 miles to the finish. Here are the splits:

Mile Time Best Pace
1 10:28 8:29
2 10:16 8:51
3 10:11 9:16
4 9:12 8:06
5 9:20 7:44
6 9:31 8:23
7 10:27 9:04
8 9:59 9:11
9 9:38 8:45
10 9:31 8:39
10.65 5:56 8:11

I cannot believe that this time next week, I will be a half-marathoner. All of the training and hard work is about to pay off. I cannot wait to cross the finish line.

Any of you have any advice for a first time marathoner?


  1. Out of the 3 halfs I have done - I had to pee twice in a on course port-a potty. If you have to pee, do it as soon as you can because as the course goes on, the port-a potties get busier! I pissed my goal time by a minute and 41 seconds at a half waiting in a port-a potty line that never moved and I ditched it because I was sick of waiting (so no peeing and I wasted time). If the weather is like today - no long sleeves! HAHA, today I was in capris and a tank and I was still hot. Hydrate well this week and maybe do some stretching or a yoga video. Good luck and I can't wait for the recap.

  2. I can't believe it's here already!!! You are going to do amazing, you are so prepared for it. Don't forget that!!! Hydrate well this week and try to relax!

  3. HAHA I totally meant missed not pissed haha.

  4. Thanks ladies! I got a kick out of the "pissed," but I knew what you meant. lol

    I will be sure to take it easy and drink plenty of water! :)