Monday, February 13, 2012

Long Run(s) Recap(s)

Life has been busy. Life events, both good and bad, have been occupying my time and keeping me from blogging. Phooey!

The good news is, I have been trying out new recipes and am spending moreish time in the kitchen. Hopefully I will have some recipes to share with you soon. I have missed a few of my shorter running sessions for late nights at work, but have been nailing my long runs.

For those of you who follow me on Daily Mile (username: FitForLifeWife), you already know that I completed my nine mile run last weekend in 1 hour 27 minutes, with an average pace of 9:39.

This past weekend, however, was a little colder, icier, wetter, etc. I was unable to take my long run outside, but I did take it downstairs, to the treadmill in my basement. Let me tell you, 10 miles is a long time to be running in place, but I did it. The hubster was downstairs playing video games while I ran, and I kept teasing him that I was going to finish 10 miles before he beat his game. And I did.

My pace was a little slower, as I completed the 10 miles in 1 hour 39 minutes and 51 seconds (but who is counting those seconds?), with an average pace of 9:59. I find it far easier to run outside; mostly because I run half the distance away from the vehicle then turn around and race back to it, eager to complete my run. With a treadmill, you have to fight a mental battle to not hop off and call it quits the second you get tired bored.

To keep myself entertained, I added in random inclines. Typically, I run with a 0 incline when I am on the treadmill, which is a shame because this weekend I found I really enjoy running on a slight incline. I did not go crazy with my incline, but of the 150 miles I have run on my treadmill since we made the purchase, I had only climbed a total of about 500 feet. With yesterday's run, I added another 250 feet incline to it.

I found that if I kept the treadmill at an incline of .5, my run was a lot smoother. Something in the way my feet hit the incline was a lot more comfortable than my usual scuffing of the feet and tripping on the front of the treadmill when I get too close to it. Now, I realize .5 is not exactly what most people would call an incline, so I made sure to mix it up. I ran a full mile at 2.0 incline and then varied my incline between 0 and as high as 4.5.

I intend to revisit this incline fascination throughout my shorter runs this week, whenever I get them in.

Speaking of this week, Happy Valentine's Day! Dear husband and I will be participating in a cooking class at Quality Street Kitchen and Catering. The Valentine themed class will feature Sautéed Shrimp and Spinach Salad with Warm Balsamic Vinaigrette, Candied Pecans, Dried Cherries, Bacon, and Red Onion; Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Parmesan Potato Gratin, Slow-Cooked Greens, and Port Wine Sauce; Warm Chocolate Cake with Crème Anglaise and Chantilly Cream.

I plan to take pictures and give a full review later this week!

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  1. Holy cow girl - you are doing so well. Your Valentines Day sounded fabulous! Sorry I have been MIA - working is getting to me. Your half is not too much further away. Get excited and plan your outfit :)