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A Reassessment of Goals

A year ago, I was preparing for the holiday season weighing about 15 pounds more than I currently do. I was proud of myself for having lost 15 pounds up to that point, but I knew I had a lot further to go. I did not have any set goals other than to look great on my wedding day.

I modified my goals as we got closer to the big day. I focused on being fit, rather than being skinny, incorporating weight training into my everyday work outs. I decided that weight was just a number on the scale, and that I should measure my success by how I feel.

Shortly after the wedding, I made a commitment to myself to push further than what I thought I was capable of and to complete a half marathon. The thought of completing a half marathon was daunting, but if I did not try, I would never know. With a few 5ks under my belt, I signed up for a half marathon and created a training schedule.

With training for a half marathon, as with most things in life, you have to be prepared to adapt. For example, last week was the first week I ran three days in a row. Come Friday (my rest day), my knees, shins and back were sore. Naturally, I took it easy. As a result of last week's training, I am adjusting my schedule for this week:
  • Sunday was a recovery day for me.
  • Monday I ran 4 miles (I got started and just could not stop). 
  • I ran 3 miles Tuesday night. 
  • Wednesday becomes a cross training day.
  • Thursday will be a 3 or 4 mile run.
  • Friday we will rest.
  • Saturday will be another long run out on the pavement.
Adaptations are not always in response to a setback, such as joint pain, however. Sometimes you adapt to achieve better results or to achieve a new goal. In this latest case, I am adjusting my training schedule (after my half marathon of course) to help me achieve my new goal of running a marathon next October.

Don't adjust your computer screens, you read that correctly. A full marathon. And better yet, I have the hubster considering going with me. That is right, ladies and gentleman, hubby has about 84 days to decide whether or not he intends to register for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) with me.

A lot of people I know are registering for the Baltimore Marathon in October, but as hubby and I already run yearly to support the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, it isn't much of a leap for us to want to run another military related race. Plus, MCM will be slightly more scenic and less hilly! Bonus!

Now all I have to do is make sure I register on time! I'm still bitter I did not know about the DC Hot Chocolate 5k.

I am shaking with anticipation! 2012 is going to be filled with accomplishments, tears of joy (to be sure), and zero what-ifs. Bring on the new year!


  1. Did you get my comment or did it disappear? I wrote such a long response lol.

  2. oh no! I didn't see it. =( I hate when that happens. I know you probably don't want to rewrite it, but can you summarize? As a local, I'd love to know your response!

  3. My summary of what I typed lol: Listen to your body with training and soreness. I learned the hard way and battled a lot of runners knee (even before running long distances). It got so bad that it hurt to drive when I was driving a stick shift. I know for me, I cannot run more than 2-3 times a week and while it may not make for a fantastic PR - I only ran 1-2 times a week and got 2:19 for my last half. My goal is to lose some weight/gain muscle too, I need to start taking measurements/body fat because I am having a hard time assessing where I am. Some how all at once I feel bigger and smaller lol. I feel like I am "bigger" but I feel like I have less fat in some areas. Congrats on planning for MCM, maybe one year for me but work is too crazy right now. I know a lot of people that used Baltimore Half as a training run for MCM... you should too :) Oh! an way to go with hubby - I was so shocked when H ran Baltimore with me considering all of his comments were around the fact that running so many miles was stupid lol. You should go take a peek at my blog and the race page for my new festive attire race haha. Oh and where in MD are you?

  4. I'm originally from just south of Baltimore, but I'm currently in Southern Maryland. We moved down here for work. It's pretty darned flat here. And I saw your festive attire! I LOVE the tutu!

  5. Damn - too bad you are so dar away, I could use a NCR Trail running buddy haha.

  6. If I were closer, I would definitely join you! I'm sure I'm going to need a motivation partner when it gets to the longer runs.


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