Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Whoops!

I am a little late posting this week's Wednesday Weigh in. Hectic day: work, drumming up some side work, and an HOA meeting. Surprisingly enough, the HOA meeting was the highlight of the day.

I came home ready to call it quits, but I had a fire burning inside me and the only way to put it out was to create a breeze by running. Okay, that was totally cheesy. And what is worse, there is no breeze when you run on a treadmill.

I got all of my runs and workouts in last week until Saturday came around...

This weekend was wildly busy. Hubby and I finally got to unpacking wedding gifts and rearranging our house to make room. That means lots of trips to Lowes and a trip out of town to purchase my first big girl sofa!

Unfortunately, I did not run on Saturday as a result of all the hoopla. There was no rest, however. We put together two storage units in the basement. How did they get down there, you ask? Hubby and I carried them, then built them with our own two hands (and a hammer). See? No rest!

Sunday was more cleaning, organizing and remodeling, but I managed to squeeze an easy three miles in to replace Saturday's missed run.

Monday, we rested vegged out on the couch.

Tuesday nearly came and went without a workout, but I decided to do some speed work so the night was not a complete loss. After about 12 minutes of that, I felt unsatisfied. I wanted to run! Well that lasted another 15 minutes before I called it a night. But it was something.

Today, as you heard, was hectic. It was supposed to be a cross training day. I was considering Yoga for Runners by But I ran. I got my three miles in and increased my pace again. So we will call that a victory.

I did gain one pound over the last week, but I am attributing that to muscle gain. And even if not, I am feeling great. I am not going to let a number so tiny stress me out.

Coming up next!

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