Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rock Steady

With a week of moderate training, a mock Thanksgiving dinner, and 13 hours in a car over the weekend, seeing the number on the scale has not budged is a blessing. I was fully prepared for a raise in weight this week (I say this now that I didn't have to see a raise on the scale). Having one weekend a month to let yourself go is not the worst thing in the world. What is? Letting yourself go completely.

Knowing I had an off weekend filled with holiday fun has prepared me to step up my game in training this week. Staying steady at 128 pounds is fine by me. The flab on top of the jeans that I'm starting to see creep back? Not fine.

I am so ready to get my butt kicked in cross training today (Jillian Michaels is my punishment of choice). In fact, I am looking forward to it. I ran an easy 3 miles last night. While that was great for cardio and for helping me to achieve my goal of completing a half marathon in March, I need to focus on strength training tonight. I worked hard to firm my upper body for my wedding. There's no sense in letting it go now!

This week's training schedule.

It's important to constantly change your workouts to keep your body guessing what comes next. Working different muscle groups in your body not only prevents injury and overworking your muscles, but also prevents exercise boredom.

What are your favorite workouts? How do you keep exercise interesting, and even fun?

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