Tuesday, November 1, 2011

After much research...

... and consideration, we are the proud owners of a brand new
Livestrong LS10.0T Treadmill!

Dick's Sporting Goods just opened nearby. I had already done a considerable amount of research online and review reading before heading to the store. Lucky for us, they had this beauty for an incredibly reasonable price.

Fact: The Livestrong LS13.0T has a 5 inch longer track, .25 more horsepower, and 2 percent steeper incline than the LS10.0T. Another Fact: My basement is pressed for space, I can touch the ceiling at 12 percent incline and Husband is under 6 feet, so the longer track would not benefit us. Final fact: We saved $200 by not going overboard.

Don't be tempted by all the bells and whistles just because they are within your reach. Be reasonable. The 10.0T does everything I want it to, and has great impact absorption (the tracks of the 10.0T and 13.0T have the same impact technology).

Details: The setup was super easy. Instructions were easy to read and all of the pieces were handily organized and labeled. It was a bit hefty, however. It took myself, Hubby and a dear friend who lives nearby to take it out back and shoot it and carry it down the basement stairs.

Bonus! The treadmill also has a great sound system on it. The speakers are much better quality than I was expecting from a piece of workout equipment.

My only negative so far is the personal fan. I had it on speed 3, the highest speed, for my whole workout and hardly noticed it was there. I might need to invest in a pedestal fan.

I got about 1.25 miles in to my run before realizing it was 10:30 pm. I wanted to slip a blog post in before bed because I've been slacking lately. Sorry my loves! I've been super stressed with my commute and work and inability to work out. Hopefully the treadmill will help me kick the winter time blues!!

Have you purchased any exercise equipment lately? How did it stack up?

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