Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Established Family...

... just got a little bit craftier!

I not only strive to be a fit wife, but a wife fit for a king! We're talking cooking, cleaning, gardening, and crafting to make this house feel like a home. Leading up to the wedding, we were tight on the budget. We wanted to get through the wedding without any debt. Now that we've passed that hurdle, let the homemaking begin!

Friday I posted about temptations. One of my temptations was a craft project I've had waiting for me since last weekend. Today I took the time to finish it up!

I originally found this craft inspiration on Pinterest, from a blog that I mentioned the other day (Delightfully Noted). I thought it was a perfect step to homebodying our home.

First I had to gather all the materials.

Notice the can of spray stain. I wanted to do a rich, warm, wood tone rather than a glossy spray paint in hopes that the color would pop and match the lighter, distressed color in the frame, as well as the tones and color scheme of our first floor.

Be sure to spray in a well ventilated area.

I did two layers of spray stain to obtain the color I was hoping for.

I then hot glued the tiles from Lowe's to the back of the paper that was in the frame, then glued that paper to the cardboard backing of the frame to give it enough support to hold the tiles. This is important because the tiles were too heavy for a single piece of paper or cardstock to hold the tiles in place.

After the letters were dry, I glued them in place and finished off with the flower sprays to soften up the project. Coincidentally, dendrobium orchids were used in our wedding floral arrangements.

And voila! We're officially a family.


  1. I love it! I'm smelling a wedding gift for someone :) Is that too forward? haha

  2. Not too forward!! I need to build my repertoire so I can start an Etsy shop! Not sure if anyone would buy these, but I'm doing a baby's room rendition as well!