Monday, October 17, 2011

Simple Scallops

One of my easiest go to meals for dinner is Scallops over Fried Rice. It takes about 30 minutes, give or take rice cooking time, and is delicious every time. Trust me, the hubster was not very familiar with fish when we first started dating, but I've made him a believer in scallops.

I've been working a lot of long days and, thanks to some road work, I have had a longer than usual commute time lately; so healthy, home cooked meals have been hard to come by since the wedding. I was thrilled to make it home in time to cook this meal for dinner. As a bonus, hubby had the rice ready and waiting for me when I got home. (Love you hubby!) To make things go quicker, I used frozen vegetables for this meal, though I typically peel carrots and chop onions and peppers.

As you'll see from this recipe, I don't often use measurements in my dinner recipes (baking is a completely other story). I also don't like to tell people how to season their foods because different people have different tastes. Play around with the recipe until it's exactly how you like it!

1 lb Fresh Scallops (or Frozen Scallops, completely Thawed)
2 Large Organic Eggs
5 oz Frozen Vegetables
2 Servings Whole Grain Rice
Salt (I don't typically use salt)
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Olive Oil
Ground Ginger
Garlic Powder

1. Start off by preparing the rice according to the packaging.
2. Drizzle about 1 tbsp olive oil into a pan. Throw in the frozen vegetables (or fresh vegetables if you have the time) and saute until soft.
3. In the same pan as the vegetables, crack the two eggs and fry them over easy.
Once the egg whites begin to set, use a spatula to chop the egg.
4. Mix together the rice, eggs and vegetables. Season with low sodium soy sauce (2-4 tbsp depending on taste), pepper, ground ginger, and garlic powder. Keep warm.
5. Drizzle 1 tbsp olive oil into pan and heat over medium-high heat. Once hot, place the scallops in the pan. Drizzle with low sodium soy sauce and sprinkle with parsley and garlic powder.
6. Cook scallops until they are opaque, about 6 minutes per side. Serve over veggie-fried rice.

This makes about four servings. Per serving (Approximate): 400 calories, 15g fat, 40g carbs, and 25g of protein.

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