Friday, October 21, 2011

It's my Birthday!

Today marks a quarter century since my birth. Saying it like that makes me feel kind of... old? But then I remember I have so much life left ahead of me, and my journey has only just begun!

I like to think of Friday's as "Temptation Friday," because there's always something just before the weekend that you're either a) really looking forward to, b) can't wait to avoid, c) have to do right now! These can be good temptations, or they can be devilish unwise temptations.

Today's temptation is a good one for me. I'm working from home and I'm fighting the temptation to throw my work to the wind and put my feet on the pavement. As of today, I am officially considering myself in training for the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon at our Nation's capital. As I'm making it official, a run at lunch with the pooch can't hurt productivity too badly can it?

My second temptation is to begin a craft project that I have been dying to get to. I purchased the necessary parts last weekend and they've been taunting me from their bag in the living room ever since. Don't worry, I'll share pictures!

Third and final temptation I'm going to mention today is my desire to start my own stationary/crafting online shop. Several friends have urged me to do it, and I've been following Delightfully Noted, a fabulous blog, written by a young lady, not unlike myself in many ways, with an amazing talent for design. I broke down this week and asked her for some advice and tips, and I think this is something that I could feasibly get started in 2012. It's good to have goals!


  1. I can't wait to train together! YAY FOR YOU SIGNING UP FOR YOUR FIRST HALF MARATHON! You go girl! :)

    oh yeah... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  2. Happy bday and congrats on signing up for your first half! I am training for my first as well! Come visit my blog if you like !

  3. Thank you! I LOVE the name of your blog. BRILLIANT! I run for pie myself. =)