Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boo-doir Photos

Everybody knows that the only Halloween costumes available for newlywed women are witch and sexy kitten... or slutty nurse, overexposed police officer, [other costume with lots of cleavage and a short skirt].

But what if, like me, you're a little more conservative, and your ideal Halloween costume is Cindy Lou Who. Innocent, adorable and classic. Where then do you exhibit your inner sex kitten?

About six months prior to the wedding, when I first started seeing results from the hard work and weight loss, I was talked into a boudoir photo session by a friend of mine. I have to admit, I still felt awkward and clumsy and not sexy in any way. I was really nervous about the hubster seeing me in my skivvies, but being the impressionable person I am, I let peer pressure get the best of me.

I gathered up our favorite football team's jersey (Oakland Raiders of course), some knee highs, one of his white button down shirts and some black lingerie, an apron and some cupcakes (The hubby loves my baking), and headed out to the great unknown a local bed and breakfast.

The photographer, Christina Wolfrum of Reflections by Christina Photography, had set up a hair and makeup team and provided an unbelievable collection of shiny, sexy stilettos and pumps to make the stars of the shoots feel spectacular. I was the last subject of an all day shoot for the photog, and I was glad that no other girls or stylists were there to see me prance around the room in my jersey and boy shorts.

Christina made me feel completely comfortable. Perhaps it was her professionalism, or maybe it was the champagne, but after a few shutter snaps, I was channeling my inner Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr at a book signing.
Not used to seeing her fully dressed, are you?

I had a photograph book put together for the hubster as a pre-wedding present, and it was a ! He loved it. He even picked out that I had stolen his button down shirt from his closet for the photo shoot and was excited by my ability to be sneaky.

Best of all, I loved it. Not only did the photos work a number on my hubster, but I couldn't believe the transformation my body had undergone. Looking through the photo gallery, I felt sexy and confident.

So, my suggestion to you is to book a Boo-doir photo session this Halloween. Dress up however you feel comfortable for your Halloween parties and bundle up for trick or treating in the cold with the little ones, but turn up the heat with your hubby (and yourself) by treating yourself to a boudoir shoot. You'll never see yourself the same way again (And neither will your husband).

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