Monday, September 26, 2011

The Final Fitting Faint

I see a fair amount of irony in the fact that I obsess over healthy eating and preach it to everyone I know, but don't always follow my own principles; the most important of them being to make sure I'm consuming enough calories.

Bottom line: Nobody's perfect.

I had my final dress fitting on Friday for the wedding (well, not quite final as the hem was incorrect and I have to go back one more time before picking it up, but I digress). I have been super organized and in go mode for the last month putting all the finishing touches on the wedding. Having taken off work Friday and the dress appointment being in the mid-afternoon, I took the opportunity to sleep in and make up for some of my sleep deficit.

Unfortunately, I slept well passed breakfast and woke up just before lunch time and had to get on the road right away. I insisted we stop for lunch along the way. Chick-Fil-A, naturally, was my choice. I consider this to be the best fast food, as far as healthy eating goes. It's my restaurant of choice for those, "crap I'm late!" moments.

I stuffed down a three piece chicken strip meal, a medium fry, and a diet lemonade. The regular lemonade, in addition to having copious amounts of sugar, is just too sweet for me. I prefer the tartness of the diet. This came to a total of about 800 calories. Though this seemed like a good total amount of calories for that time of day, I introduced them all at once after having essentially fasted for 18 hours. No bueno.

By the time I got to my dress appointment and was waiting for them to pin up the hem of my dress. I became overheated, lightheaded, and turned pale. Immediately, the consultant sprung into action. She helped me down from the pedestal and onto the couch. I was down for the count. She brought me carrots, crackers, coffee and water to bring me back to my full strength. I noted that this was typically the time in the afternoon where I would snack on some mixed nuts.

I certainly learned my lesson with this scare. It was not a good feeling at all and I do not want a repeat occurrence on my wedding day. So, from now on, I will be carrying some sort of a healthy snack (mixed nuts, my true love) in my purse for such occasions where I find myself hurrying from appointment to appointment. Nobody wins if the bride passes out.

No offense to this bride. It's just not my style.

The day of the wedding, I will have a full breakfast from the hotel restaurant; an omelet cooked to my specifications with a side of bacon and a side of fruit. I will enjoy a mimosa with my bridesmaids while we get ready. A Totally Tuna sandwich from Jimmie John's on whole grain wheat for lunch. I will be sure to eat some of the provided snacks for the bridal party as we await the guests' arrival at the venue. And finally, I will eat my dinner as it is served.

A lot of brides talk about how they don't have the time to eat because they're busy doing table visits and thanking all the guests for coming. I'm going to be selfish on this. I'm eating my meal. Thank yous can come later.

O and let's not forget the cake. I'm eating that too!

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